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Beechwood is another installment in the ongoing saga of this beach-adjacent street corner traditionally swallowed by a wave of apathy. Co-owned by the duo responsible for Amuse Cafe in Venice, Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts, and David Reiss of The Brig nearby, Beechwood has two main menus -- one for the bar and another for dinner. The bar, occupying a significant amount of real estate inside and out, has a menu that goes beyond mere appeasement with the ground rib eye burger, grilled lamb meat balls and even sauteed grain cakes with dried black figs. For dinner, there are pork chops, duck breast and steamed New Zealand cockles served with "long, squiggly" noodles inside a broth with white wine and breadcrumbs. Interior-wise, Beechwood is filled with backless sofas shaped like Tetris pieces (both orange and yellow), and the outdoor fireplace adds a heat effect to the patio -- fitting since the wooden benches with labyrinthine design make the restaurant feel like a 21st century sauna. Something to consider while you lounge around, wishing you could sweat out your peanut butter truffle tart made with homemade cracker jacks. -- Gregg Rosenzweig