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Beechwood - A warm trendy atmosphere with a beach
overall: 4.43 [ atmosphere: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 2.5 | food: 4.5 | $$$$

Upon entering the Beechwood my first thought was, 'here is another trendy martini restaurant that will last about two weeks.' After some time spent at the bar I was thinking it may be trendy but I can deal with this place. It has a warm rustic modern vibe that grew on me.

The bar area is the focal point of the Beechwood. A complimentary use of stone textures, plenty of deep colored wood, leather booths and funky tetris shaped couches blend to mix old fashioned and modern styles. The mixture of styles and making the large bar area 'the room to be in' keep the Beechwood from having a formal stuffy atmoshphere. There is a small dining room to the left upon entering and a patio next to the bar with plenty more seats. A stone fire pit in the middle of the patio was ablaze and reminds a person they are in a beach community.

The crowd started slow but was very exuberant as the night wore on. The Beechwood had a good mix of people the night we were there. Young and old, from yuppie to surfer, all were there having a good time.

The service was phenomenal. Our bartender took excellent care of us and everyone in the vicinity. She had a quick eye for when a person's glass was nearing empty and was prompt to ask if you needed a refill. What more can one ask for in a bartender? Food orders were prompt but not brought out too quickly as one could feel rushed if this were the case. Timing is very important.

The food runs inexpensive to expensive. Appetizers ranging from four dollars to entrees in the twenty-five dollar range. Two menus. A bar menu which is made up of mostly appetizers and a dinner menu with the full course entrees listed. The dinner menu can be ordered from in the bar area. The food is very tasty and would fall in to that realm of California cuisine. Both menus are a mixture of styles. Some items are: Marinated skirt steak and frites, ground rib eye burger, shell pasta with crayfish, pressed black pepper chicken sandwich, seared albacore tuna and much more.

The Beechwood may not be the kind of restaurant one would associate with beer but they do have a few quality beers on their list. Of course the martinis, cosmos and the latest greatest wine from wine country get poured in mass quantities. It is a good feeling to see types of restaurants that normally would not think to cater to a beer drinker realize there is a market here and they are going to try to please these people as well. Only two taps: Arrogant Bastard and Bitburger. Bottles: Fat Tire, Sierra Nevada Pale, Ayinger Weiss, Echigo Lager, Lambic Peche, Acme IPA, Bass, Newcastle Brown, Anchor Steam, Duvel, Staropramen Lager, Fischer Amber, Boddington's, Guinness Draught Bottle, Woodchuck Pear Cider and a few others. Let me also state that they have no Budweiser, Coors, Corona, and Miller on the list. Prices are from five to eight dollars.

This restaurant does not have a beer list worthy of the beer drinker who wants to try many beers in an evening. It does have some high quality beers for the beer drinker who likes trendy upscale establishments or the beer drinker who is forced to the trendy establishment by friends, family or their significant other. It may also be the best place for beer in Venice.

The Beechwood is a quality spot. A warm trendy atmosphere with a beach community attitude. Hey, this is still southern California. No dress code baby. Cheers!